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Jakob Gehring

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13
16348 Wandlitz

21 Yehuda Hayamit
6813424 Tel Aviv

+49 30 74 92 19 90
+972 52 82 33 989

Terms (AGB)
General terms (Allgemeine Vertragsbedingungen): PDF
Terms for services (Vertragsbedingungen für Dienstleistungen): PDF
Contract for work and labour (Vertragsbedingungen für Werkverträge): PDF

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Statistical analysis with PIWIK

This website uses the open source analysis tool Piwik ( to generate statistical analysis on the use of the site. Piwik stores the collected data (e.g. time, requested page, used browser, operating system) in a database. The information generated by Piwik is completely anonymous and cannot be used for identification of individuals. IP addresses are being redacted before they get into the database to meet the legal requirements. A combination of the stored data with other data sources or a passing on to third parties is not taking place.

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