Vimeo for Business

A fairy tale

I have to admit, that I always have been a supporter of Vimeo. Not only that they look much nicer then You Tube, their image and the quality of the videos they host are much better.

Everything is fine until you need to use Vimeo as a service provider. I do not talk about this free plan they offer, where you can upload some videos and embed them on your cargo page.

I talk about their so called "Vimeo for Business".

This plan is cheap. It might be the cheapest out there, but it lacks one major feature for a business needing a professional video platform serving its content.
DOWNLOAD. Sounds easy, but if you have a Vimeo account it is nearly impossible. Vimeo has a good API, but the video calls do not respond with the URL to download your video. If you ask staff members, they will point you to the video detail page where you can hit a download button and choose between different formats to download.
Writing my client a documentation stating how to go to this page and completing all the process with copy and paste involved is embarrassing enough. The worst thing turned out later. This download link expires after a certain time. Which means, that it is useless for any large scale platform dealing with video content.

I truly can't hide my disappointment.

Vimeo for Business - failed.